High Speed Target Drone

WF-TD-F300J Stealth High Speed Target Drone

WF-300 high speed target drone is a maneuver stealth target drone with leading performance, including basic type, plateau type and Navy type. It has high altitude, high subsonic and high maneuver flight capability, and stealth electronic countermeasures capability. It can simulate the target characteristics of enemy combat aircraft, cruise missile, anti-ship missile in maneuver, infrared, radar, electronic countermeasures capabilities; thus serving as a high-performance aerial target for weapon test evaluation, unit training and exercise. 

◼ Equipped with infrared enhanced device to simulate the infrared target 
◼ Equipped with RCS to simulate the radar target 
◼ Interference and electronic Countermeasures 
◼ Mixed formation flight capability of multiple aircrafts 
◼ Independently safety control and area safety control 
◼ 90°turn maneuver (6g) 
◼ 180°turn-around (6g) 
◼ Snake-shaped maneuver (3g) 
◼ Dive-hike with large angle (-40°) 
◼ Continuous hover maneuver (3g) 
◼ Half-roll reverse turn maneuver (6g) 


Main Specifications

Max level speed


Max working altitude


Take-off altitude


Ultra low altitude flight capability

Phase height 20m, terrain following (Gobi desert terrain)

Body length




Body height


Max take-off weight


Maximum oil load


Max maneuvering overload

Basic type:≥4g

Large maneuver type: ≥7g (sea height: 5000m),
capable of completing hover, tail-setting, 
s-type maneuver, l-type maneuver, semi-roll reversal,
barrel roll and other maneuver styles



Remote sensing radius

Controlled aircraft position and the origin of distance ≮ 100 km
(relative height ≮ 1000 m sighting

control mode

Program control + remote control

Takeoff mode

rocket assist

recovery mode

Parachute recovery + air bag shock absorption


≯0.01 ㎡

(head on ±30°, C, X, Ku, Ka band)

Cooperative formation capability

Fleet number


Formation retention accuracy

Level: better than 30m
Vertical: greater than 10m

Mission payload



Payload type

One or more of the following load combinations
shall be added as required:
1. Dragon ball; 2. Self-defense jammer; 3. Light tracer tube;
4. Miss distance indicator; 5. Infrared simulator.

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