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CETC YLC-18 High Mobility Medium Range Low Altitude 3D Radar

CETC YLC-18 radar is a two-vehicle convoy, high mobility, medium-range, low-altitude 3D radar announced by CETC in June 2007 at Singapore.

The reported system features are excellent low-altitude performance with high measurement accuracy, strong ECCM capability.

CETC YLC-18 radar is mainly used to detect all kinds of air targets, especially low altitude and ultra-low altitude targets such as helicopters, UAVs and cruise missiles. It can be used as low altitude blinding radar of land air defense network and target search radar of air defense weapon system.

CETC YLC-18 radar Specifications:
Operating frequency: EF-band
Coverage: (Pd = 80%, RCS = 2m2)
Range: ≥ 250km
Height: ≥ 12,000m
Elevation:     0º ~ 35º
Azimuth:     0º ~ 360º

Its detection range suggest instantaneous PRF of 600pps thus operational PRF of approx 400 is suspected.

Measurement accuracy: (rms)
Azimuth: ≤ 0.3º
Range: ≤ 100m
Height: ≤ 600m (within 200km)
Assembly/disassembly: 20mins/4 persons
MTBCF: ≥ 1,000 hrs
MTTR: ≤ 30 mins

In view of its 3D capability and potential to control aircraft and surface-to-air weapons, its likely frequency cover is shown, which is within the ITU regulated bands.

CETC YLC-18 radar
CETC YLC-18 radar 

CETC YLC-18 radar
CETC YLC-18 radar

CETC YLC-18 radar
CETC YLC-18 radar
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