Anti Drones

YLC-48 "Spider Web" Portable Multi-function Reconnaissance Radar

The Chinese YLC-48 LCMR  is a latest member of the YLC family created by the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No.14th Research Institute.  Like its US counterpart, it utilizes L-Band operation frequency for counter-fire directing.  It claims to have detection range of 15 km vs 6 km of its counterpart.  It's "point of origin accuracy" is said to be "60m at 7km" vs "75m at 5km" of the AN/TPQ-49

The YLC-48 is a counterbattering radar used to determine the starting point of an enemy artillery fire by calculating the projectile's trajectory. Presented for the first time at the last Zhuhai Air Show in November 2016, this cylindrical radar uses two-dimensional active electronic scanning antennas. It operates in S-band and weighs only 90 kg, which allows it to be transported and deployed easily.

This "individual" reconnaissance radar has a range of 10 km, and is capable of scanning 360 °. It can also be used to detect drones and helicopters within a radius of 25 km.

The "Spider Net" radar is a circular array multi-purpose radar using advanced active phased array radar technology, which has the world's advanced level. The all-electric sweep feature allows it to quickly scan the entire airspace and ensure continuous tracking of the drone.
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